Expat professionals

Being an expat professional usually entails wanting to succeed beyond previous possibilities. Being unable to succeed as an expat, also known as Expat Failure, is what most do their best to avoid as there are considerable financial and emotional costs involved.
This makes for two important needs:

  • The first need of the expat[riate]s is to succeed and to avoid the possibility of expat[riate]s failure.
  • The second prime need of expats is excellent (mental) health care, adjusted to their needs.

A mental health approach to all of these issues by a clinical expert might prove not only helpful but necessary and very cost efficient, if only in view of future career options.

Some dangers:

  • Working conditions can of course be difficult.
  • Stresses concerning the demands and well-being of ones’ (transnational) loved ones as expat / expatriates success or failure depends for a large part upon family problems involving expat partners and spouses , and / or expat children and expat families
  • And there are Individual and psychological factors that determine the expatriates’ failure, esp.
    • cultural shock, lack of cross cultural training and lack of cultural empathy
    • not enough direction or goal setting
    • lack of flexibility and not being able to handle uncertainty
    • unresolved matters from the past; specific vulnerabilities

Early signs might be:

  • Using too much alcohol
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping


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