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Expatriate success or failure-

The Cost Of Expatriate Failure. Management Essay.

S. Treven: Human resource management in international organizations. Management, Vol. 6, 2001, 1-2, pp. 177-189

A. J. Ali (2003). An empirical study on the determinants contributing to the success of expatriation. The Importance of Expatriate Spouses’ and Children’s Intercultural Adaptation to the Success of the International Business Assignment.

SD Truman, DA Sharar, JC Pompe (2011).The Mental Health Status of Expatriate versus U.S. Domestic Workers: A Comparative Study. International Journal of Mental Health, Vol. 40, No. 4, Winter 2011-12, 3-18; DOI:10.2753/IMH0020-7411400401

Robert L. Minter, Preparation Of Expatriates For Global Assignments: Revisited
Journal of Diversity Management – Second Quarter 2008 Volume 3, Number 2

Maaike Deen (2011). The expatriate‘s spouse: an influential factor on international assignment success . An in-depth spouse perspective on adjustment issues, organizational support and the relationship. Master Thesis Business Administration; Track: International Management. School of Management and Governance University of Twente, Enschede.


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