teaching for the NIFP

Octobre 2014 dr. Victor Kouratovsky presented for the course Transcultural psychiatry which is organised by the Dutch Institute for Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry  (Nederlands Instituut voor Forensische Psychiatrie en Psychologie) (Dutch Ministry for Justice and Safety; Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie). Subject matter: Transcultural diagnosis, assessment, and therapy. << Back to news  

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Interview Victor Kouratovsky by BZblad

Victor Kouratovsky was interviewed about Third Culture Kids for the Dutch Foreign Office Bullettin BZblad article ‘Ware kameleons’ (BZblad 4 (2014) pp. 14-19; Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.) Download PDF BZblad 2014 << Back to news  

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Address Westerkade 1

Januari 2014 ExpatPsy is located on the fourth floor of the “Westerkade Huys”. This beautiful building on the waterfront in the Scheepvaartkwartier (Shipping Quarter) in Rotterdam was built between 1914-1916 after a design by the Dutch architect J.P. Stock Wzn., and is a Rijksmonument (State Monument). It saw tens of thousands of emigrants leaving Europe for different parts of the world, […]

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WPA International Congress 2013

27-30 October 2013 Dr. Victor Kouratovsky attended the International Congress of the World Psychiatric Association in Vienna and presented Stress and Envelopment: aspects of expats’ (mental) health. Download Presentation: “Stress and Envelopment” (PDF)   << Back to news  

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