Masterclass interculturele psychiatrie en jeugd-ggz

28 may 2015 EIF sponsored Masterclass interculturele psychiatrie and jeugd-ggz for vulnerable migrant youth included the ExpatPsy presentations [in Dutch]:      culturally sensitive psychiatric diagnostics for children & adolescents Part 1 Cultural limitations culturally sensitive psychiatric diagnostics for children & adolescents Part 2 Self regulation, stress, and Envelopment culturally sensitive psychiatric diagnostics for children & […]

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membre du (RMPC) and (OMS)

Membre du Réseau Mondiale de Pratique Clinique (RMPC) de l’Organisation Mondial de la Santé (OMS) L’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé Département de la Santé Mentale et des Toxicomanies reconnaît que Victor Kouratovsky a participé à l’Étude de Terrain par Internet Participation concernant la CIM-11 – Troubles de l’Alimentation et des Conduites Alimentaires – Usage des […]

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(Self-)Regulation problems: from infancy to adolescence and beyond

November 6th 2014 Dr. Victor Kouratovsky presented for employees of the International Criminal Court. Infants and children can be difficult to regulate and problems can persist into adolescence and adulthood. Sleeping, eating, negative mood and handling frustration, complying to rules and social adjustment, being attentive and motivated to do well, are all aspects of self-regulation.Raising […]

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teaching for the NIFP

Octobre 2014 dr. Victor Kouratovsky presented for the course Transcultural psychiatry which is organised by the Dutch Institute for Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry  (Nederlands Instituut voor Forensische Psychiatrie en Psychologie) (Dutch Ministry for Justice and Safety; Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie). Subject matter: Transcultural diagnosis, assessment, and therapy. << Back to news  

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Interview Victor Kouratovsky by BZblad

Victor Kouratovsky was interviewed about Third Culture Kids for the Dutch Foreign Office Bullettin BZblad article ‘Ware kameleons’ (BZblad 4 (2014) pp. 14-19; Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.) Download PDF BZblad 2014 << Back to news  

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