Expat student psychological guidance 

Expert psychological guidance for you as an expat student might be very welcome and a good idea. In order for you to succeed and avoid failure, pain and confusion, ExpatPsy offers the possibility to consult an expert and getting excellent psychological help that is especially adjusted to your questions and needs. Living on your own in a foreign country is not always as successful as one can hope for and Expat students can be in the same need as expat professionals. For expat students as well,  considerable worries and costs are involved in expatriate failure: emotional, financial, and future-related, and help by a clinical expert might prove not only helpful but necessary and very cost efficient, if only in view of future career options.

Being an expat student involves many aspects, e.g.

  • getting things done by yourself and living up to your own expectations
  • being able to keep yourself emotionally balanced
  • dealing with the pressures and expectations of your family
  • handling relative freedom from family and parents and loneliness and nostalgia,
  • dealing with peer pressures and building new relationships
  • being confronted with and finding out about sexuality, love, desire and (sexual) identity
  • dealing with the problems of the transnational family and the stresses, demands and well-being of ones’ (transnational) loved ones

All aspects that build upon earlier personality development and personal experiences.

Signs that things are getting a bit out of hand might be:

  • feeling blocked and too anxious and uncertain
  • not sleeping well
  • not getting things done
  • feeling lost in translation and not knowing who you are anymore.

If the above sounds familiar, we can help and give you quick and good advice ! (The first 30 minutes are without charge; what can you loose?) Please cntact ExpatPsy and dr. Victor Kouratovsky asap.

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