expat psychology: current scientific activities

expat psychology: current scientific activities

February 28 2016;

Focusing on expat psychology the current scientific activities dr. Victor Kouratovsky is involved with are very interesting and worthwhile.


  • cognitive effects of illiteracy
  • language and psychopathology
  • SES and psychopathology
  • guidelines for culturally sensitive psychological assessment

in collaboration with Nina Kamar:

  • further development of a Culturally Sensitive Therapeutic Parental Interview
  • idem checklist Cultural Competency
  • how culturally competent is the Dutch training for Klinisch psycholoog (psychologist specialist) ?

in collaboration with the Parnassia Academy:

  • adjustment Cultural Formulation interview module School age children and adolescents 12-16 years of age

in collaboration with Glenn Helberg:

  • development of a culturally sensitive course and training in psychopathology (diagnosis and treatment)